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Natural Chewing Gum

100% natural product. Made from environmentally friendly components according to international quality standards. Very fast delivery directly from Siberia.

People in Siberia for centuries used the resin of Siberian larch for oral care. We collect raw materials for our products near Lake Baikal!

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What You'll Learn

The age-old experience

People in Siberia are confident that the resin protects teeth from decay, whitens teeth and strengthens the gums, relieves pain and removes the smell of alcohol.(1)

Modern technologies

Resin professionally processed, cleaned and packed in a handy box.

100% natural

Our product is free of GMO, dyes, flavor enhancers, flavorings, preservatives, sugars, and other additives. 100% from forest!

Fast shipping

We will pack your order securely. We use air delivery. The order will be delivered within 10 - 17 days (2) anywhere in the world.

5 cool pastilles

We make our product convenient for daily use. Each pack contains 5 pastilles. Chew pastilles after each meal.

Own laboratory

We have all the necessary permits. Products are certified..

Watch a video about our products.

We have prepared a video about the natural chewing gum. Look at the product from all sides before buying.

What peoples say about us

  • “ I tried chewing gum 6 months ago. Since then, I fell in love with her. Chew almost every day. Delivery is very fast, the packaging is strong. Clients give big discounts on new orders..”

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    • Hillary
    • London, UK
  • “ Chewing tar became my favorite product. Tasty, Useful, indispensable. I think the teeth become whiter, resigned breath..”

    Author image tableCell
    • Alex
    • Indianopolis, USA
  • “ Many thanks for natural chewing gum. I have overcome the cavities and tartar. Delivery within 12 days from Siberia. This product is fresh.”

    Author image
    • Mark
    • Ottava, Canada
  • “ It seems to me that the natural chewing gum helped win tartar and gum irritation.”

    Author image
    • Elen
    • Rome, Italy

10 blisters


5 pastilles in each blister.

You receive 50 pastiles. Free shipping.


20 blisters


5 pastilles in each blister.

You receive 100 pastiles. Free shipping. Best choise!


50 blisters


5 pastilles in each blister.

You receive 250 pastiles. Free shipping.

Only 27 cents each!


More information

Organic ingridients

People in Siberia collect pine resin by hands. After that, the resin is cleaned in a special way, processed by steam, divided into pastiles of 1 gram and packed in a sterile package.

Quality control

At all stages of production we use a special quality control system. All products have international quality certificates.

100% ECO

Raw materials for manufacturing are collected manually in the forests near Lake Baikal. The vicinity of Lake Baikal is one of the cleanest places on the planet Earth. 100% from Siberia!

Fast collecting

We deliver the resin to the factory directly from the forest. It is necessary to preserve the quality of products

Convenient packaging

Convenient packaging allows you to use the product after each meal

Scientific developments

The process of collecting and processing the resin was developed by scientists for several years. We managed to find the perfect solution!

A Note From The Manufacturer

Thank you for choise! We try to meet the needs of each client. Smolka - 100% natural, high-quality product! Every day we are working on improving the process of delivery and packaging of goods.
Ilya, founder.

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